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Meet The Team


Kaarin Starr

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Kaarin Starr has worked in the fitness and service industry since 2001. She has been a devoted yoga, dance, barre, and fitness instructor who enjoys helping her clients find confidence through movement and opening up to their body's potential. Kaarin is a Certified Personal Trainer, RYT, and Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. She is a self-starter and has created, owned, and operated four successful small businesses in the service industry. Kaarin enjoys working with people and helping others feel healthy and happy from the inside out.

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Jenn Tate

Jenn Tate is a Stott Pilates certified instructor with 14 years experience. Her passions include running tech companies, painting, music and of course, Pilates. She's lived in the Methow for most of her life, and has two amazing daughters and one very large dog. 

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